Reality Check.... 

2020 will bring changing energies that call for new direction to move forward. With inspiration. That's the fuel!

And as always, you need to be at your best in order to create a life that serves and nurtures you. 

Something is ready to emerge from within you — you are ripe for a reset that honors your evolving Authentic Self.  

It's really important to get clear about where you are now, as well as where you're going. 

And NOT from your head. From your heart and soul.

I Promise....

You are being led somewhere special. Somewhere personal, just for you.

Any confusion, stuckness or uncertainty you feel is the unwinding of an old, complete dynamic — and a portal for your Evolving Self.

The way through this sacred portal begins by feeling - and trusting - your heart and soul. 

From there you can make a plan to move forward. 

Be honest & see what resonates with you:

Teal checkmark

It feels like you (or some part of your life) is changing and you need support and direction;

Teal checkmark

You aren't sure if you are experiencing a completion, an obstacle or a problem to be solved;

Teal checkmark

You're a Lightworker or a "giver," and yet, in some way you are still playing small;

Teal checkmark

You know that you have gifts to share, but you don't know exactly how to offer them in a way that feels right for you;

Teal checkmark

What once inspired you is no longer working the way it used to and life feels mechanical or dry;

Teal checkmark

Deep within, you question the future and where you’re going;

Teal checkmark

The "You" that worked in the past doesn’t fit or feel totally authentic now; 

Teal checkmark

You long to be happy and free, but you're not sure what that means for you now — or going forward;

Teal checkmark

Old structures and relationships feel inadequate or lack meaning — and you know there's something more for you;

Teal checkmark

You can feel your calling, but don't know how/where to begin in order to get there;

Teal checkmark

You are unfulfilled, but the fear of letting go feels overwhelming so you don't do anything; 

Teal checkmark

You feel something, but because you're not clear about your future, it keeps you stuck.

You used to know — but what once resonated with you now doesn’t, at least not in the same way…

So now what?

First, you need to get clear about where you are and what you want

Next... what's the best WAY to go? 

(P.S. There is no "right" way. There is YOUR WAY.)

Growth and evolution is the name of the game… and it's all about YOU.

Conventional wisdom says you need a plan to move forward. 

Actually, you don't need the whole plan, just the next right steps for you. 

Your path will unfold in an intuitive way with help from your fellow travelers and me! 

We're going to be loving, supportive — and practical.

The journey through 2020 means making your inspiration REAL.  


Time to uncover new creativity, focus, direction and soul that’s been buried by old, outdated ways and identities that are no longer working. You've outgrown them. It's time to discover what's next.

I promise — there’s buried treasure... pure gold within you.  

And when it's revealed, you will have a happier, more connected, confident, joyful experience than you’ve known before. With a new perspective and renewed inspiration.  

And here’s the surprise — when the evolving YOU emerges, you will discover the next steps on your personal and/or professional path. And all this by getting REAL. Allow yourself to blossom!

During this retreat you will...

• Cultivate the confidence to come out of hiding, trust yourself & speak your truth with integrity and compassion; 

• Discover newfound clarity about yourself and your direction; 

• Create personal freedom by releasing old, outdated beliefs and ways of thinking that limit your options;

• Connect with like-minded others who mirror your gifts back to you and support your budding dreams;

• Allow the gifts, strengths and true expressions of the REAL YOU to emerge - and it will happen naturally! 

• Leave with tangible NEXT STEPS that you can act on when you return home to keep your mojo going. 

My intention is that you are seen and held with reverence for who you really are, not for who you've been told you were that has kept you small. Possibilities abound that you can't imagine. 

But you have to show up to find out!

*** You Are Invited ***

Join me Friday-Sunday for an intimate 2½ day gathering in a cozy and luxurious Colorado B&B setting for a re-birth and a re-set.  

Receive impeccable care and support as you explore, unwind and open to a new level of awareness about your Self - and your path in 2019/20 - with fellow heart-centered Beings. 

Experience the gift of opening - transforming from a deep level of Authenticity (being Real). 

Something magical happens in a small group when you speak your truth. Having the beauty of your spirit reflected back to you is a profound healing — and when the mask comes off, buried treasure emerges...

You will leave feeling more inspired and joyful; aligned with your Authentic Self at a higher level. Freer. Clearer. More focused. With a plan.

Ready to move forward with a renewed sense of Self and a clear direction ! 

About your host...

Lisa E Zimmerman is an Intuitive Astrologer, Transformational Coach and deep communicator who loves the intimacy of working closely with people to help them discover the truth of who they came here to be!

Her conscious path began in 1992 when she embarked on her own journey of healing and self-discovery, after a free spirit lifestyle in the NYC music business. Feeling like a failure, the surprise outcome was that her healing experiences were actually the research & development for the career she would ultimately create to help others.

She is passionate about empowering people to come out of hiding and recover their joy — so they can live from a place of being real! She can teach you how to "receive" step by step, no matter how resistant you may be to allowing goodness in - and so much more!

Lisa models , guides, and empowers others to find their tribe, and commit to living their truth, rather than tolerating unfulilling work, painful relationship dynamics, or pretending to be someone/something they're not in order to fit in.

Her training is vast (transformational, business & consciousness coaching, energy healing, neurofeedback), yet her heart is always her guide. 

She is committed to helping YOU create a life that nurtures and inspires you - and others - when you are ready to grow!


Location: TBA

Want to know more or explore alternative payment options?  

Contact me at and I'll be delighted to speak with you personally.  

What is included in the retreat investment?

Your investment includes the 2½ day retreat experience, continental breakfast, healthy snacks, all day coffee & tea, evening beverages and desserts. Lunches and dinners are on your own.

Your lodging is not included in the retreat ticket. Rooms are booked individually @ the Niwot Inn and are available at different price points, from $199 - $299 per night. There are 3 double rooms that can be shared and you will each pay half for the space. 

You fly into Denver International Airport (DIA) and take the bus to Boulder, then a Lyft to Niwot - or just take a Lyft to Niwot from DIA. It's easy and a beautiful ride!

I decided to attend Lisa’s Awakened Life Retreat because I was nearing a huge ending in my life, and, I just wanted to transition in a manner which would give the message to myself that “I matter.” 

I needed to go somewhere different where I could cocoon up for a few days in a beautiful setting and receive nurturing encouragement and support. Some part of me also has this strong, driving inner force which tells me I’m called, or meant to step into a bigger role than the “hide out in the background” role I seem to prefer to play. 

Lisa created a safe haven where healing could take place and brought together like minded individuals who recognize, on some level, that something isn’t quite right, yet who also desire to use their gifts & talents to the best of their ability.

Lisa seems to “see into” each person, intuitively opening pathways for their inner healing… always holding out for them a bigger vision… encouraging and coaxing that “something more” to which we all aspire. 

What I discovered was that although I came in with a personal agenda for comfort and healing, it became something bigger than just me. I now realize that something happens at a deeper level when we gather with others and work in small groups or “community.”

Lisa skillfully facilitated this process, honoring the individual, yet, through the power of “group”, encouraging us to be so much more! Now I am continuing on the journey to make a difference and to positively impact others... 

Nancy Baxter ~ Minneapolis, MN

I'm so grateful to Lisa for creating the powerful Awakened Life Retreat. This three-day experience in beautiful Colorado uncovered deep truths and new revelations that shifted me in a profound and positive way.  

Under the unwavering love, care and guidance from Lisa, I achieved absolute clarity around where I want to go and what I will do to live a truly awakened life, both personally and professionally.  

I am also grateful for the group of women who were so willing to share and support each other in this journey. Immense gratitude to Lisa for this.  

Kathleen Crandall ~ Minneapolis, MN

I’ve known Lisa for a number of years and she has done two very helpful and insightful readings for me. I had been to many business retreats before, but I didn’t know what to expect from this, and I wasn’t really sure if it was for me.

What a gift I received for jumping in. Lisa’s talents are many and they extend to bringing together the most extraordinary group of compassionate, generous, and loving women.  

I was able to uncover parts of myself in this safe and warm atmosphere and to experience myself in ways I never had before. Lisa’s gentle guidance allowed us to relax and trust in what was happening.  

It was an extraordinary and powerful weekend, and perhaps the most essential thing I’ve done in years. If anyone reading this is toying with the idea of participating, I hope you’ll take a chance and do this for yourself. I know you won’t regret it!  

Becky Ross ~ Portland, OR

I spent three days with Lisa at the Awakened Life Retreat this year. I expected some shifts, some transformations, some aha’s. What I Did Not expect and what I DID receive from this experience so abundantly was the manner in which Lisa listens and sees with her Heart.  

She was able to tap into a block I had, that was so a part of me, so long ingrained in my being that I could not have possibly discerned it on my own. She helped me to see the existence of this and helped me to see the possibilities of living beyond this, of living without this false wall of protection I had so solidly built over my 60 + years.  

She also had me (and all of us) live, breathe, give and accept such an enormous experience of absolute Love, it was shattering of old unworthiness thoughts and ideas.  

Lisa created an utterly safe sanctuary to become vulnerable, to be open to exploring what I do, what I can start to do, that supports my growth and expansion; as well as old, no-longer-useful patterns of thought and belief I continue to hang onto, and to recognize my value, my gifts and move forward with joy in a purposeful, abundant, loving manner.  

Wendy Harbath ~ Denver, CO

Where will you be in...


I attended the Awakened Life Retreat in January 2017. I have been to many retreats and workshops, but at Lisa’s retreat in CO it was the only time I experienced immediate healing.  

I am going to do a six month coaching program with Lisa so I can continue to heal.  

I highly recommend Lisa Zimmerman. She is a loving and caring woman who want us all to shine in our beautiful light!  

Andria Creighton ~ Greenville, IN

Whenever a group of individuals come together in order to grow and learn, an opportunity exists for something very special to happen. With the support and understanding of like-minded individuals, and an experienced, compassionate guide, painful memories have a real chance to be transformed and healed.  

In the Awakened Life Retreat, Lisa created a forum that allowed for just this type of experience. In a safe and respectful environment, we were encouraged to uncover our true selves. Lisa used a variety of exercises to lead us on our journey of discovery and awakening.  

Each activity was especially tailored and timed for our group. We were able to unveil some of those deep wounds that we all hold close. Some of the ghosts that had haunted me for decades were finally disempowered and released.  

Personally, not only was my heart lighter, but I actually lost - and continue to lose - some weight. (For me that is a real blessing.) It was also very moving to watch the stories of my fellow participants unfold. I will always feel very honored to have had a glimpse into their souls.  

The degree of bonding and support was incredibly moving. It was not possible to feel alone or afraid for long. Many of us remain in contact.  

Thank you, Lisa, for a deep and healing experience in a lovely, nurturing setting.  

Mara Alexander ~ Minneapolis, MN